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“Even When The News And TV Stations Are Saying
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Lloyd Irvin Tells You How to Build Wealth in Real Estate During The Recession


Have you ever wanted to invest in Real Estate but just didn't know how to get started?

Have you ever wondered how people are actually buying houses with no money down?

Have you ever wondered how people are making money when the news says it’s a bad time to invest?

Have you ever wanted to live the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of?

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Lloyd Irvin and Vicki Irvin own and operate the Metropolitans largest and most successful Real Estate Investing Training program.  They are known as “The King And Queen Of Real Estate Investing” and are amongst the who’s who in the Real Estate Investing World.  But you won’t see them on late night infomercials trying to sell Real Estate Investing Books, because they are dedicated to helping the people of their own community learn how to invest in Real Estate.

If you live in Prince George's County you probably already know Lloyd Irvin aka Master Lloyd, he's been running his Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts Academy program in Clinton Maryland for over 10 years, is rated as one of the top five schools in the country and he's a World Champion.

His wife is living proof of the American dreamVicki Irvin aka “The Real Estate Investment Queen” wasn’t always a star in the Real Estate Investing World.  She was your average HR Professional who was sick and tired of working a 9-5 job, Sick and tired of taking the commute to work, sick and tired of dealing with co-workers and simply sick and tired of not being able to live the lifestyle that she’s always dreamed of.

Lloyd Irvin

She wanted a way out, that’s when she decided to learn how to invest in Real Estate.  Her husband Lloyd introduced her to his friend named Terry Bryan who was a highly successful investor from Colorado.  Terry taught Vicki all of his Real Estate Investing secrets and the rest is history

If you have always wanted to become a successful Real Estate Investor, now is the time! There are no bad markets, just different markets.   And now, with all the news about mortgages defaulting and consumer credit problems and rising foreclosure rates – NOW is the PERFECT time to get started! And to prove it they want to offer you their brand new Audio CD, "7 Real Estate Investing Secrets To Getting Rich, Even In A Slow Market", for FREE!

If you haven't heard it yet, I urge you to enter your name and email address right now at the top or bottom of this page, and see why the overwhelming majority of what is being taught about Real Estate Investing in MD, DC and VA is dead wrong and how you can avoid these costly mistakes.

Plus, there's a special topic about half way into this CD that is worth tens of thousands of dollars to anyone serious about becoming an investor. Also the secrets to investing in our slow market, once you understand this, you’ll discover how people are building wealth even in this so-called slow market and how you can to!

Lloyd Irvin

It's 100% FREE!

Why would we agree to send you our Audio CD for FREE?

Why are we offering you such an irresistible, no-risk free offer for our Maryland, DC and VA Real Estate Investing CD ? Are we crazy?

No. But what we are is this: we are interested in your success as a real estate investor in our community… and if you love the training and education you’ll get by listening to this valuable CD, we know you’ll want to know more and it will be the start of an incredible relationship between you and me, and Lloyd.

If you look at it that way, our FREE offer makes sense, doesn’t it? That’s the reason I’m making you such a powerful, risk-free offer.

And look, we believe in delivering real value, and building relationships in business.

This is our way of doing that with you, in the hopes that in the future you will want to continue a relationship with us.

And frankly, we believe once you listen to this entire audio CD, you won’t rest until you attend our next free seminar to see real life people that went from knowing nothing about real estate, to now creating wealth.

But even if you decide not to come to our free real estate seminar, we guarantee you’ll learn more from the ideas and strategies shared in this audio than you have at some entire three day seminars that you might have attended before.

Why don’t you be the judge?

This package is totally FREE, We Even Pay For The Shipping And Handling cost and we send it by “First Class Mail” with the “United States Postal Service

That’s it, we know that there are a lot of scams out there and we want to earn your trust, we want to prove to you that what we are teaching is the real deal and we couldn’t think of a better way than to take all the risk away from you by sending you our free CD and not charge you a single dime.

That’s reasonable, isn’t it?

“Anyone Interested In Real Estate Investing Would Be Lucky 
To Be Able To Work With Lloyd and Vicki”

My name is Mark Sumpter, I'm the leading expert on teaching Real Estate Investors How To Do Shortsales in the United States. My students have made millions of dollars doing short sales all over the country. Lloyd Irvin is by far one of the top direct response and internet marketers in the World. Vicki makes her living as a full time investor , knows what it takes to succeed as a real estate investor and is producing amazing real estate investing students. Anyone intereted in Real Estate Investing would be lucky to be able to work with Lloyd and Vicki . I use Lloyd's marketing tips and online strategies on a daily basis. Don't miss your opportunity to take your Real Estate Investing business to all new levels working with Lloyd and Vicki . No matter what you do, make sure that you register for their next seminar and get your hands on their FREE CD!

Mark Sumpter

It's 100% FREE!

Here’s Just A Sample Of What You’ll Discover On Their Amazing Free Audio CD

“Lloyd And Vicki Will Help You Become Wealthy”

Of all my Real Estate Investing students Lloyd and Vicki Irvin are by far the most articulate and passionate and knowledgeable (and funny).  I now find myself learning things from Lloyd and Vicki.  You are blessed to have someone like Lloyd and Vicki willing to share this valuable information with their community.   If you truly want to become a successful Real Estate Investor, I don’t know of anyone who would be caught dead without Lloyd and Vicki’s help. Lloyd and Vicki will help you become wealthy. Request your copy of their audio cd and I would highly recommend that you check out their upcoming free seminar.

Terry Bryan

President of Colorado Spring Real Estate Club

When speaking with Lloyd Irvin he had this to say:

"Some of the most successful real estate investors in the country are my personal friends. I always knew that I wanted to get involved in real estate but I wanted to focus on my other businesses so I always put it on the back burner. Then one day my wife said that she was tired of working and wanted to do something else. I invited her on one of my business trips where she met one of my Multi Millionaire Real Estate Investing friends. He told her that he would show her everything that she needed to do to get started in Real Estate Investing. We flew to Colorado , he taught her his method of buying Real Estate and the rest is history. After that she became “The Real Estate Investment Queen” her activity in the Real Estate Market really caught my attention. I decided to jump on the band wagon and what I found out was shocking and amazing at the same time.

I realized that anyone and everyone could do what we were doing. I wondered why more people weren't doing it. Who wouldn't want to become wealthy in Real Estate, it seems like the American dream to me. After more research we discovered that the only people that were teaching people in our own community how to invest in Real Estate we’re the late night infomercial Real Estate guru’s.  And I know for a fact that what they were teaching doesn’t work in our market, especially the type of market that we are in now.  On top of that, to really become successful you need a mentor to walk you by the hand along the way, to answer your questions as they come up and these other programs didn’t have that. She was 100% on board with the idea. I know people can be very skeptical so we created a FREE CD to give away to people that may be interested in Real Estate Investing.. I didn't believe it at first but anyone can do this, even in this market that we are in today, quite honestly, it’s even easier today if you know what we teach.  It doesn't matter if you have bad credit, no credit, no experience; even if you didn't graduate from high school you can do this. If you have any interest at all in Real Estate Investing you need to at least get a copy of our FREE CD"

“Lloyd And Vicki Are The Real Deal”

Lloyd and Vicki are one of a kind! I’ve never seen anyone take hold of Real Estate Investing like they did. If you enter the Real Estate Investing jungle in search of Wealth and Riches, just be sure you walk with Lloyd and Vicki at your side. There are a lot of Real Estate Investing Programs popping up all over the country with a lot of fakes, phonies and frauds. Lloyd and Vicki are the Real Deal. Do it right, as they show, and your Dream of becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor will become a Reality! Now do yourself a favor and order her FREE CD.

Thad Winston

Co-Author “No BS Wealth Attraction For Entrepreneurs”
Who Else Wants To Be A REAL Real Estate Millionaire

His wife had this to say

"I can't stand the fact that people in our own community aren't learning how to invest in Real Estate the real way. I'm going to change this. I want to help as many people become wealthy in Real Estate as possible, help them create a great lifestyle teaching them the exact Real Estate secret our mentor taught us.   People will be simply amazed when they discover how we are able to invest in Real Estate the way we do it.  With these Real Estate strategies you can make money in any market.  It’s sad that no one else is teaching this, people are so much out for themselves the few people that do know these strategies simply keep them to themselves.  There is more then enough money for everyone and I vow to break the silence and to reveal everything I know to help people in my community become successful investors. Our FREE CD is a great way to get started on your way to Real Estate Riches."

It's 100% FREE!

“When I Want To Know How To Invest In Va, DC And Md The Person I Talk To Is Vicki Irvin “The Real Estate Investment Queen”

"I’m Jim Canale America’s Real Estate Cash Flow Expert when I want to know how to invest in Virginia,Washington dc, Maryland, Baltimore the person that I talk to is Vicki Irvin, “The Real Estate Investment Queen” and you should too!"

Jim Canale

“America’s Real Estate Cash Flow Expert”
Author of “Live The Real Estate Lifestyle”
Radio Talk Show Host

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